Our Company
TECNOALIMENTARIA LTD is the result of the hard work of a colombian entrepreneur who dreamt of building a fully colombian company despite all the difficulties.

In 1987 TECNOALIMENTARIA LTD began manufacturing and marketing Milkset Rennet Powder which quickly proved to be one of the best coagulant available in the domestic market. The popularity of this product led the company to develop other derivatives that are still present on the market and we describe in the Product section. The distribution of a high quality product based on raw materials from vegetal origin (non OGM) made of TECNOALIMENTARIA LTDA the colombian leader on the market of coagulants.

In its endeavor to support the dairy and food industries, the company has expanded its portfolio to include plant and lab equipments among other products.

Today TECNOALIMENTARIA LTD maintains its quality and portafolio of ingredients and equipment necessary in the dairy industry. 



The Dairyman's
ten commandments

Gerber's Method
Butyrometric determination of fat content in untreated and pasteurized milk

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