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The Dairyman's ten commandments
"Be faithful observing this commandments. The dairyman will keep a clear conscience, avoid annoying and expensive prosecutions, retain the respect of his neighbours, secure a competency of the world's goods and leave a peaceful life"
  1. Thou shalt keep only healthy cows in production.
  2. Thou shalt wash with clean water all thy tubs, buckets, storage and cooling tanks and all equipment that will enter in contact with the milk for cleanliness is next to godliness. If thou keep thy byres clean and thy equipment scalded and everything about thee neat and clean, it shall become a mark of distinction on to thee.
  3. Before milking her, thou shalt wash her udder taking care of drying it completely. If thou milkest her with a milking machine all machine shall be properly clean of bacteria and completely sterilized before use so that the milk be not contaminated.
  4. Thou shall not suffer contagious illnesses when thou milkest her. Thou shalt wash thy hands with detergent and chlorinated water, dry them completely and use clean clothes.
  5. Thou shalt impose in the milking room a strict control of insects and gnawing for that shall protect thy cow and milk from infection and disease.
  6. When thou milkest her thou shalt lead her apart into a quiet cool place where there is nothing to disturb her or make her afraid, where does not exist evils smells or hardly currents of wind with dust. The milked production shallt be store it with their covers in place, and in the summer a tent over the cans of milk shalt be used to protect it of the inclemency of the time and of the sun.
  7. Thou shalt not sell or offer as food for man thy milk with colostrum, bitter, with blood, with large lumps, or milk from cows in advanced lactation. These milks shall not be mixed with the fresh milk from remainder cows.
  8. The water that thou usest for cleaning shall be pure water.
  9. Thou shalt cool and air thy milk as soon as drawn from the cow by using the best appliances at thy command -by bringing thy milk in contact with a cool surface above the freezing point-. If thou shalt transport thy milk hot, thou shalt bring it to the nearest centre of receipt immediately. Once delivered the milk, thou shalt wash completely all containers, cooling tank and equipment using detergent and bactericide and thou shalt keep all materials and equipment in a place aired without dust so that there be a complete drainage.
  10. Thou shalt not commit adultery by adulterating thy milk with burnt sugar, chalk, salt, soda or any ingredient or compound whatsoever, nor by giving vile stuffs to thy cow, nor by any means, trick, device or process known or unknown to be naturally depraved.
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The Dairyman's
ten commandments

Gerber's Method
Butyrometric determination of fat content in untreated and pasteurized milk

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